• Blanket


    Master of the cannabis plantation. Pretends he does yoga to impress his friends.
  • Bristlesack


    IT'S TIME TO GO!!!!!!
  • Count Medabuku

    Count Medabuku

    Apprentice to Dark Lord Skag
  • DOOM


    Takes super long turns but in the end does literally nothing
  • Dogan Ozark

    Dogan Ozark

    A master thief who lives in the capital Skype. People seek him out for advice because he is rumored to have never once been wrong.
  • Doi Cheezburgr

    Doi Cheezburgr

    Lord Cheezburgr is king of Twochainz and holder of the Holy Grail. Is currently stuck in a war against Darklord Skag
  • Dufard Snow

    Dufard Snow

    The bastard son of Lord Cheezburgr, he just wants his father to love him.
  • Em C.

    Em C.

    Every girl wants his dick, has crazy hair, summoned here from another world, wears 99 AC Plot Armor, heart of the cards, takes back seat when in school
  • Erik Skag

    Erik Skag

    Offspring of Stan, Darklord Skag aims for world domination and the Holy Grail of Twochainz
  • Esspee Eff 420

    Esspee Eff 420

    Offers lessons on CS and plays an easy Templar Assassin at world star
  • Eyebad Isbad

    Eyebad Isbad

    Known as General Doom, he's the famous general of 4000 troops marching on the capital.
  • Father Artour

    Father Artour

    Father Artour is the head priest of the biggest religious cult of TwoChainz, the cult of EternalEnvy. Millions of people worship EE-sama
  • Fedora Troopers

    Fedora Troopers

    The main force of Dark Lord Skag
  • Frazno Valalaza

    Frazno Valalaza

    A professional pit-fighter who fights to the death at World Star. He fights to get money to spend on the love of his life, whoever it may be at the time.
  • Goblin Andick

    Goblin Andick

    The senile last priest of the deity Bigus Deus. Lives on the streets of the town Davai
  • Gundam


    A legendary dragon that roams Twochainz
  • HERO


    Hates birthday parties and has only ever uttered the words "I'll kill you"
  • Harambe


    Something, something, Dow's Kicker. Dicks out.
  • Izza Retrd

    Izza Retrd

    A young boy who went autistic when an ogre attacked him and his uncle Joff, his uncle was eaten but he survived since the ogre dropped dead because Joff just tasted bad. He likes to go by his family's middle name, Umar.
  • Jacques


    Owner of a bakery he use to run with his life partner T.Vase
  • Jerry


    Davai tradition has young cucks call out for Jerry, it's pretty fucking annoying
  • Just Dallas

    Just Dallas

    Dallas seemed to really want a character that wasn't dead, so this one is just Dallas. He's missing and is presumed dead.
  • Kanoot Kanootsin

    Kanoot Kanootsin

    Master alchemist that lives in Davai but spends most his days traveling the world for reagents.
  • Kiri Tokun

    Kiri Tokun

    OP dual-wielder who dresses himself in black and ignores the rules of reality. He played the beta of TwoChainz and also hacks. Being a beta-tester and also a hacker, people fancy him a "Beaker".
  • Kogami Jackson

    Kogami Jackson

    Once the captain of Skype's city-watch, this officer disappeared for a whole season only to reappear in Davai with pitch black skin.
  • Lil' Shit

    Lil' Shit

    Just another peasant orphan without even a name.
  • Mater Dib

    Mater Dib

    Fancies himself the "Senator", this traveling salesman roams the giant shit-field Chest
  • Monkey B. Lucy

    Monkey B. Lucy

    Lone "assassin" trying to make a living, dreams of becoming king of the assassins. Has a precious scarf given to him by his grandfather Broadus.
  • Nail


    Don't touch him, you'll cut yourself
  • Normies


    A common fag found across Twochainz
  • Officer D. and Officer B.

    Officer D. and Officer B.

    These 2 autists got their job by gunning down a policestation and stealing uniforms. Lord Cheezburgr made them official law enforcers and they now roam the country pulling people over for going FUCKING FAST.
  • Old Man D.

    Old Man D.

    Spends his days on his porch telling those damn kids to stop meming so he can eat dinner and get to bed
  • Orphans


    Their parents aren't dead, they just didn't want them
  • Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    A fighter in the royal army. He can be heard yelling at his fellow troops even in the middle of the harshest battle. His friends call him Dick.
  • Shank


    This goblin was found tied to a chair in the middle of the shit fields, he was just seizing in the middle of shit screaming "TRIPLE AXEL". The little shit's a thief too.
  • Shuckleberry Fag

    Shuckleberry Fag

    Davai's town plumber
  • Sir Snackbar

    Sir Snackbar

    A human knight known for crashing his horse into orcish tents on the outskirts of Davai
  • Smashinator


    The only known Minotaur in all of Twochainz, lives in a cave behind a waterfall in the Tentacle Woods.
  • Taro-kun


    An average highschool student who found a meme on his desk located in the corner of his classroom right by the window. The meme transported him to the mythical land of Twochainz where he became slave to the short red-haired fire mage Tsun Deer
  • The Anal Troll

    The Anal Troll

    It's rumored that a troll lives at the bottom of the shit-pit of Davai. In reality he's an autistic, shit-covered human that roams the sewers.
  • The Last Dargonborn

    The Last Dargonborn

    He's dead, his last words are engraved onto his tombstone: "IT'S A GUNDAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!"
  • Timothy Dumass

    Timothy Dumass

    He's a thief... and an asshole
  • Townsperson B

    Townsperson B

    Recently promoted from "Horny Bush"
  • Trinifag


    Owner of the fastfood chain "Chicken Wing It"
  • Tsun Deer

    Tsun Deer

    A short female fire mage with red hair who enslaved Taro-kun. She angers easily and beats Taro-kun. Since this is real life, most people just think she's a bitch.
  • Turn and Burn Stonebreak

    Turn and Burn Stonebreak

    A two-headed ogre who lives in the caves of Mt. Blunt. He can be heard wailing loudly throughout the mountains "GIVE ME THE SEX", over and over.
  • Warden D.

    Warden D.

    Warden of the autism dungeon. No one knows his true name, however he claims the D. stands for Domination.
  • Yoe Chikin

    Yoe Chikin

    The best poet in Skype.. he's also a chicken.
  • Zet the Pit Warden

    Zet the Pit Warden

    Arclord Zet Underwarden was the first retard in space!